Our mission is to provide instruction in modern foreign languages that develops the ability to communicate at a professional level and inspires vocational and personal growth.

Our primary aim is to help our students:

  • To discuss and reflect critically on the issues stemming from their disciplines
  • To develop academic language skills
  • To draw upon intercultural experience
  • To engage successfully in the international community during their studies and at work
  • To realize their responsibility for their life in society and the world

To accomplish our mission we have chosen a way of building an academic workplace that provides a friendly, creative and motivating environment for learning, where work with authentic texts, effective use of modern technologies and students’ initiative have their place.

We teach with enthusiasm and love for language; the student, the student’s needs, experience and potential are the focus of our attention.

We care about kind and respectful relationships at our department, mutual support and continual education; we find enrichment in the diversity of our approaches, experiences and personalities.

We value cooperation with the Institutes of the Faculty of Social Sciences, partner language centres and professional organizations (CERCLES, CASAJC).